Active volcanoes tour
19 - 29 August

Kamchatka peninsula — one of the least explored but most picturesque places of Russia. Also it's a must-see for people longing for travels and impressions. Numerous amount of volcanoes, flora and fauna, breathtaking views — the place is unforgettable!

this August I am inviting you on an extraordinary trip around Kamchatka. We will see Shiveluch volcano — the most active on peninsula. It was last active very recently — 14 february it released a 6 km-high cloud of ash. In this trip we will go to volcano craters, trek over young volcanic rocks, that was never touched by a human. We will see the surroundings of Klyuchevskaya Sopka — the highest active volcano of the continent! During the trek over the volcanoes we will see amazing views like rock plateau reminding Mars. We will visit Esso village to swim in thermal pools. Then we are going to Kamchatka river to watch sea eagles and seals. We will camp at Azhabachye lake — the largest spawning site of salmon on Kamchatka river. Also we will spend a day in the ocean with a chance to see whales.

Unique tours around volcanoes, animal watching, a night at the lake and at the border of forest and ash field, swimming in thermal pools — these are activities of the tour. Details are below.

Tour agenda:
Arrival. Dinner at Khalaktyrsky beach of black volcanic sand
Arriving at Kamchatka, Elizovo airport. After checking in the hotel we are going to Khalaktyrsky beach — an atmospheric place at the coast of Avachinsky harbour at the Pacific — famous for its black sand. The place is different for everyone, because with the ocean thousands of kilometers before you, it's impossible to be indifferent.
Setting off to Shiveluch volcano
On the second day we will go to one of the most active volcano in the world — Shiveluch. It's the most active volcano on Kamchatka peninsula. Its activity is impressive — twice a year it erupts with a cloud of ash of 5−7 km high creating pyroclastic streams (heated ash mass with rocks, about 250 degrees Celsius hot)

Camping in tents on the border of the forest and ash field.
Fuel recharge at Kozyrevsk (570 km)

Climbing up Shiveluch
After breakfast we will trek up the active peak of Shiveluch called Crater Peak. The path goes through pyroclastic streams along the Gamuls wings valley, where you will see lava tracks — dikes. Then we will go down the canyon to the crater. We will have to walk on rather fresh lava rock layer to reach the destination of 2300 m high. You will be fascinated by the views: massive volcano, active fumaroles, and in case the volcano erupts, you will see pyroclastic eruption (from a safe point)

Trek 16 km, no steep climbing.

Time: 4−5.5 hours up, 3−4.5 hours back
Accommodation: guesthouse in Klyuchi village

Klyuchevskaya Sopka
In the morning we will set off to Klyuchevskoy volcano via picturesque forest road. Klyuchevskaya looks just like a smooth cone of 4750 metres! The volcano is constantly growing due to its eruptions. Just like Shiveluch Klyuchevskaya sopka is one of the most active volcanoes of Kamchatka.

The first stop is at 1280 m high next to Tzirkovaya 1 crater, from there we will see the volcano bottom to peak. After lunch we will trek the volcano surroundings, we will visit craters and unique volcanic rocks, similar to martian rocks in its material. The highest point we will reach is 1800 m. In the evening we will have sauna and rest well.

Accommodation: guesthouse in Klyuchi village.

Esso village
We will visit Esso village at Bystraya river, located in caldera of an old inactive volcano. Right next to the village there is a geothermal pool that heats up the greenhouses and buildings and provides hot water to the swimming pool we are going to dip in. Its unique mineral composition of water benefits human health. This area has an unusual sight for Kamchatka since the region is covered with pine trees, also its height makes the air refreshing and healthy.

Esso trip is a necessity to have a good rest before one more exciting part of the trip.

Travel time: 304 hours

Azhabachye lake
A trip to Azhabachye lake — the biggest spawning site of red salmon in Kamchatka river basin. Azhabachye lake is a natural memorial, it has unique and various flora and fauna. It is a great alternative to Kurilskoye lake. It is famous for its bears but less popular due to the remoteness, which of course makes the lake more attractive.

At the lake we will watch salmon spawning, visit wooden church of 19 century in Nizhnekamchatsky ostrog — a fort that was demolished in 1968.
And of course we will go fishing!

Camping at the Azhabachye lake in tents
Boat trip at Kamchatka river
We will take boat trips at the river and surroundings and watch sea eagles and seals. In your free time you can go fishing.

Camping at the Azhabachye lake in tents
Travelling down Kamchatka river to Klyuchi village
We will go down the river to Klyuchi village and then transfer to the resort site at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky region, in Paratunk.

Accommodation: resort site.
Sea cruise to Russkaya harbour
One of the most beautiful harbours in Kamchatka — the result of clashing of elements — volcanoes and the ocean. Rookery of the seals, killer whales swimming, sea birds flocks, bears by the spawning banks — a whole new incredible world for a human! The harbour is narrow, diving into the coast with steep slopes going down into the water, it reminds Norwegian fjords, and it's called one of the most picturesque places of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky region. We will take a ship cruise here, trying to see whales. Passing by Laperuz rocks we will see seals at the sun. Approaching to Russkya harbour we will see sea lions too. Then we will rest at the harbour for dinner and fishing.
Reserve day in case of bad weather
You can spend the day any way you want. It is reserved for bad weather issues.
Back home
Before going to the airport we will go to fish market and souvenir shop.

Price 2400$
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Guest houses, tents
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Experienced guides
Photographer on the route
At the end you will have a lot of photos for your own use
Drone pilot
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Unforgettable memories and great company!
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