Yacht trip to the Northern Kuril Islands
11 — 21 june 2020
The Kuril islands are considered to be the most remote and the most difficult area to reach all along the country. The landscapes of the Kurils appear to look like adventure films settings; impressive in its size and view. And here i am, inviting you to take a week marine trip to the northern Kurils in summer 2020. The 'salt' is our vehicle — a yacht we will travel and live at.

Together we are going to visit Paramushir island, that is famous for having the biggest amount of volcanoes on the Kurils. We will climb an active volcano Ebeko to see lakes, thermals and fumaroles in its craters. Trekking along the Atlas island coast we will reach the spot of Japanese ship wreck, dated World War II period. Enlisted above is only a little part of activities we are going to do. In the afternoons we will be fishing while enjoying the wonderful Kurile nature, then at night we will go on stargazing.
Tour agenda
June 11
June 11
Arrival, meeting crew members
Arrival to Kamchatka island airport Elizovo, 30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. During the landing you will be able to see 2 active volcanoes — Koryaksky and Avachinsky.

Hotel check-in, then some rest.
June 12
June 12
Setting off on the yacht
Meeting the crew in central marina of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Settling in the cabins; ice-breakers. Casting off and setting off to the open water. Sailing down the Kamchatka coast with the views of unique landscapes and ocean silence.
June 13
June 13
Paramushir island, Severo-Kurilsk day trip
Arriving at Paramushir island, where the mountains and volcanoes are so impressive and huge you could see them from space. Paramushir island is considered to have the biggest amount of mountains and volcanoes among the Kuril islands. Landing at Severo-Kurilsk for a short say trip, sauna and some rest before Ebeko hiking.
June 14
June 14
Hiking Ebeko volcano
Ebeko is composite strato-volcano with several craters. It is 1156 meters high and there are 3 closely located craters at its top 250−300 meters wide and 70−100 meters deep. The craters are lined by destroyed rim, a thin edge of 3−5 km wide. There are lakes, thermals and fumaroles — steam fountains — right inside the craters.

We will climb up the volcano, take photos and get back to the yacht the same day. Then share our impressions and emotions under the sail. The climb is approximately 4 hours.
June 15
June 15
Atlas island: Alaid and Taketomi volcanoes
At the dawn before the fog dies away we will set off to Atlas island, where Alaid and Taketomi are located (Vladimir peninsula). Atlas island is the most northern island of the Kurils. Also it is the highest island of the Kurils and one of the highest islands in Russia. Landing the coast full of exotic birds and foxes, we will explore the island — the coastline, hydropraphic mark and debris of the japanese ship that wrecked here during the second World War, forced by american planes.

Getting back to the yacht for dinner and sharing photos.
June 16
June 16
Trip back to Paramushir. Bird Islands
Sailing back to Paramushir islands. The weather conditions being good, we will visit Bird Islands. Then we are going to sail back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at night, while enjoying the sky full of stars.
June 17
June 17
Kekurny cape, Russkaya and Viluchinskaya harbours
Kekurny cape is great for marine animal watching. Trip along Russkaya and Viluchinskaya harbours. There we might see whales and killer whales! Then we will sail past Three Brother rocks, Starichkov island and sea lions rookery. Concluding with gala-dinner on the yacht.
June 18
June 18
Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Arriving to the central marina.
June 19-20
June 19-20
Back-up days in case of bad weather
If the weather is good, you can visit Kamchatka volcanoes during those days. Jeep-tour is available.
June 21
June 21
Elizovo airport
The price of participating is 1950$
Only 6 places are available
What is included?
The yacht: 14-meter motor-sailing keeled Bellatrix Feeling 446
Sleeping arrangements for 8 people
2 dayheads
2 showers
Not included: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky accommodation
Not included: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky dining out
Experienced guides
Air-transfer support
Unforgettable memories!
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