Trip to Valley of the giants
2 - 11 September
"it's midnight in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky" - that’s what most of russians remember from radio programmes. Kamchatka is a truly unique place of Russia. Almost everyone has heard about it, but few people have been there. The remoteness is to blame — it’s far and isolated from the main continent. Until recently Kamchatka was completely closed for visits due to high concentration of military constructions there. There is no motorway or railway to reach the peninsula. Sea cruises were cut off long ago. The only transport is an airplane. The flight Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky takes 8 hours, but it’s not until the moment the plane starts landing when you realize it was worth it. Right from the window you see two active volcanoes located near the city — Koryaksky and Avachinsky.

What is so attractive about the region? Talking about myself — I travelled around more than 50 countries, but I’ve never seen anything similar. The fauna and flora is diverse but completely unspoilt. The forests hide various animals — groundhogs to bears. The rivers are full of salmon, and the ocean is diven by whales. The highest active volcano of the continent is here — Klyuchevskaya sopka (4750 metres)

I am now offering a tour to the most remote and breathtaking places of the island. We will visit the locations of eruption of 2012, the size of which fascinates — the volume of lava, ash, volcanic waste is more that 1 cubic kilometer/1000 billion litres. One day we are going to spend in the ocean and most probably will meet its unique inhabitants like killer whales, whales and sea lions. But the main spot of our trip is the Valley of the Giants — the biggest volcanic mountain chain with Klyuchevskaya Sopka. That is not all that is included in the trip, you will see a number of picturesque places and have a lot of activities like bbq in lava and seafood tasting.

If you ever dreamed of visiting a volcano crater, I am inviting you on an adventure of a lifetime around Kamchatka with me. The details are available below.

Tour Agenda
Arrival. Ethnopark tour
Arrival at Elizovo airport. A tour to Ethnocomplex. Meeting sled dogs, introduction to ethnic culture of the island — traditional dances and tales by the bonfire. Herb tea tasting, dinner with deer meat soup and salmon barbeque.
Sea cruise to Russian harbour. Killer whales, whales, sea lions!
Watching killer whales and (most probably) whales. Sail boat trip to Russian harbour, passing by the rocks of Three Brothers, islands of Starichki and sea lions rookery. Sea fishing — try to get flounder, perch, cod, halibut or lenok. You will be offered fresh fish soup on board.
Mutnovsky volcano crater tour
Visiting the crater of active volcano Mutnovsky, which is considered the most beautiful place of the peninsula. Its fumaroles are the biggest in Kamchatka. Walking the path through a cliff called Dangerous, reaching the crater. We will see the song of ice and fire — the glaciers melt in creeks that go down to the river Vulkannaya and down the 60 meter waterfall.
Setting off to volcano chain of Klychevskaya
Starting early morning — a trip to the biggest volcanoes of the region. Travelling through several villages like Milkovo, Kozyrevsk and Kleshnya, passing by mountain massive of Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik volcanoes. After setting up the camp we will walk up to the hot cone of 1975

The trip covers 640 km
Camping in tents
Walking the spots of eruption of 2012
Trekking lava fields, visiting lava caves (some of those are still hot), walking up the Naboka, having erupted in 2012−2013. Barbeque on the lava

The trip covers 15 km
Camping in tents
Dead forest and Kopyto camping
Visiting Northern eruption crack and Dead forest — woods destroyed by volcanic and ash eruptions in 1975, Lava cone and lava. Dead forest has a creepy sight that is rare in the world. Sometimes the ash layer is so thick that you only see the tops of the trees.

The weather be good we will climb Tolbachinsky cones — smaller volcanoes of 100−200 metres. After lunchtime — camping in Kopyto at the Valley of the Giants

Camping in tents
Climbing down Studennaya canyon
From Kopyto camping you will see giant volcanoes Kamen, Tolbachik, Bezymyanny, Ushkovsky, and the highest of the continent — Klyuchevskoy. Here you can truly feel the power of the nature. The golden autumn starts in september which makes the place even more fascinating!
Early morning trekking to picturesque canyon of Studennaya river (10 km). In autumn the river is full only the second half of the day and you can walk through the dry canyon in the morning. In the afternoon the bustling water loudly claims its place.
On the way back we will visit Edelweiss field and Mirror lake — a place for great photos. In the evening we will travel to Kozyrevsk to have sauna and some rest.

Accommodation — guesthouse.
Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Traveling from Kozyrevsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky via a highway that was included in the list of the most picturesque roads of 2016. During the golden autumn the views remind Persian carpets on the volcanoes.
A day reserved in case of bad weather
All day in Kamchatka to yourself.
Going back home
Visiting fish market and souvenir shop before the airport.
Price 2200$
What is included in the price?
Guest houses, tents
Individual plan possible
Experienced guides
Photographer on the route
At the end you will have a lot of photos for your own use
Drone pilot
For the best pictures
Unforgettable memories and great company!
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