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About me
My name is Vadim Makhorov. I am the founder of Ontheroofs project, dedicated to climbing the tallest buildings of the world. My main activity for the past ten years has been photographing and travelling. I have visited 50 countries, having taken unique pictures of more than 150 cities. My photos were exhibited at many galleries and museums. Among all my adventures are: climbing the tallest construction in China, Cheops pyramid, Cologne Cathedral, skyscrapers in New York, Moscow, Dubai etc. The outcome of every adventure is photos and videos that make people see the world from a new angle. I offer you to click 'Video' below to get more details about me and my life.

Recently I devote less time to exploring the cities and tend to discover mountain peaks and volcanoes of Kamchatka peninsula. I rode a motorbike through Mongolia. I dove into travels inspiring emotions. Now I want to share my experience with you and show the world the way I see it.