February - March 2021
Lake Baikal is the most famous natural landmark of Russia. It is the deepest lake in the world with flora and fauna that you will not see anywhere else. Although little known, during the winter Baikal is covered by unique forms of ice and turns into the improvised biggest skating rink in Russia. Winter is the best time of year to visit Baikal, especially February, when the weather is comfortable enough to walk along the crystal clear ice surface of the famous lake.

Being on this tour you’re going to explore the most spectacular and quiet nooks of Baikal, take a walk around ice caves, catch a glimpse of the purest and the most beautiful ice in the world, sample the most delicious culinary delights Baikal has to offer! And don’t forget about visiting the genuine Siberian sauna! Relaxing on the Baikal lake in February is the real deal of rich experience and emotions!
Tour agenda:
Duration: February - March 2021
Amount of people in a group: 8
Route: Irkutsk — the Maloye Sea — North part of the Maloye sea — the Tajeransky steppes (staying on water) — the Aya bay — the Peschanaya bay — Bolshoe Goloustnoye — Listvyanka — Irkutsk

Day 1
Day 1
Arrival. Irkutsk – the Maloye sea
Welcome to Baikal!
The meeting of the group and setting off is at 11 a.m. so please get your tickets to Irkutsk until 10:30 a.m. by the local time. Your Baikal guide is going to meet you at the airport. Getting on a comfortable van and setting off to Baikal. Along the way you are going to have a stop at the Buryat cafe "Yurta" - here you are going to sample the most delicious dishes of traditional Siberian cuisine — Buryat buuz, bukhler soup.
Arriving at the hotel compound we're going to drink some tea, change our clothes, stock up on hot tea and coffee into thermos flasks and set off ice skating to explore ice wilderness.
Those who don't want to skate, can stay at the recreation facility and have some sleep in a room after the flight.
After the first busy day on Baikal you're going to get some rest in very cosy rooms of one of the most comfortable hotel compounds on the coast of the Maloye sea and also you're going to have a tasty dinner. In the evening you're going to have some spare time to sit in the hall and discuss plans and impressions. Or you can just relax for there are so many interesting things to come.

Distance: 280 km
Travel time: 8 hours (4 hours of riding, 4 hours of excursions)
Meals: lunch, dinner
Day 2
Day 2
The Maloye sea
After the breakfast you're going to get on air-cushion vehicles "Hivus" and set off exploring the ice miracles of the Maloye sea gliding on Baikal ice!
The first thing you're going to do is paying a visit to the buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment on the island of Ogoy. Along the way you're going to stop at the most exciting spots to view grottoes and landwashes, incredible caves with icy stalactites. Our entire trip is going to be accompanied by the mystical legends and myths about Baikal, its capes and rocks.
In one of rather picturesque spots you're going to have picnic lunch right on the Baikal ice. After lunch you're going to have some ice fun — ice skating, ice golf, ice photo shooting session during which you're going to become your own professional photographers — there can't be any other way when everything around you is so inspiring? — and ice explorer initiation rite.
Late in the afternoon you're going to get back to the hotel compound. We're going to end up the evening sitting round in the cosy warm hall, sharing our impressions of the day, relaxing and having dinner.

Distance: 140 км
Tavel time: 8 hours (4 hours of riding, 4 hours of excursions)
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 3
Day 3
The Maloye sea – the Tajeranskiye steppes – the Aya bay
After breakfast at the hotel you're going to have a totally new stage of your trip — the day of exploring the Tajeranskiye steppes on water or to be more precise on ice. You're going southbound. You're going to visit the most exciting, beautiful and significant spots. Along the way you're going to ascend the viewpoint peak of the Tajeranskiye steppes which provides the gorgeous panorama of Baikal and the Primorsky mountain range. Picnic lunch on the bank of Baikal after which you're going to have a time to walk around and explore grottoes and landwashes.
Accommodation at the hotel "the Aya bay", dinner and getting some rest. If you wish, you can arrange a visit to Russian sauna.

Distance: 50 km
Travel time: 2 hours of riding, 4 hours of excursions
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 4
Day 4
The Aya bay - The Peschanaya bay - Listvyanka
After breakfast you're going to set off further.
Today you're going to visit one of the most beautiful spots of Baikal: the Arka cape, the Peschanaya bay, the Skriper cliff and if the weather permits, you'll be able to see those very bubbles in ice! These spots are famous for their purest ice, here you can take pictures of some of the most remarkable beauty to witness!
You're going to have lunch along the way. But that's actually not all: there's a great way to refresh oneself and let go of any negativity — an entertainment thing called "Baikal antistress". Feel intrigued? Come here and get to know what it is!
In the evening you're going to arrive at the settlement called Listvyanka. Here you're going to change for the van to Irkutsk where you're going to stay at the hotel situated in the historic part of the city.

Distance: 120 km
Travel time: 4 hours of riding, 3 hours of excursions
Meals: breakfast, lunch
Day 5
Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel, packing things, setting off to the airport.

Distance: 10 km
Travel time: 15−20 min
Meal: breakfast
What is included in the price?
comfortable hotel rooms
Experienced guides and instructors
Transfer from the airport and back
van Mercedes Sprinter Tourist or its analog
Flight tickets search assistance
Unforgettable experience
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